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Pénichette Boat Holidays in Ireland

Boating Holidays brings you a superb collection of Pénichettes to ensure that you get the most out of your boating holiday. Our base at Athlone - Killinure Point is on the Shannon-Erne waterway connecting the River Shannon and the Erne. It is convenient for trips south down the Shannon or north to the Loughs of the Erne waterway.

Whether you go as a couple, as a family or with friends, there's a Pénichette that's right for you, and with weekends, mini-weeks or longer holidays on offer, we can find the boating holiday to suit you.

Use the links to decide on the best Pénichette for your holiday. Let us know your requirements and preferences and we'll advise and do the rest!

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In addition to Ireland the fleet of over 400 Pénichettes and bases throughout France, Holland, Germany can let you discover a variety of routes and regions. Our team are dedicated to helping you choose exactly the right Pénichette and cruising area for you and your crew.

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